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Cavities! Nobody wants them but everyone can get them – even adults! So many things can lead to cavities from kids not brushing their teeth thoroughly enough or constantly drinking from a bottle to dry mouth or deep grooves and crevices that collect bacteria. That’s one of the reasons we emphasize preventive dentistry like regular exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Keeping your teeth clean and protected with fluoride can prevent those dreaded cavities from forming, and it is especially important in areas where families are serviced by well water or counties like Cayuga, where our water is not fluoridated. Checkups also help us discover cavities extra early so we can preserve more of your natural enamel and keep your teeth stronger. When we do discover a cavity, or when an old filling needs to be replaced, we offer natural-looking tooth-colored composite fillings. These fillings not only disappear in your or your child’s smile, they are also healthier and will not shift or damage teeth the way metal fillings do. We simply clear away the decay, fill your tooth with a matching composite, and your smile is ready to go!