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Welcome to Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles

Where Your Smile Comes First

  • You just moved to the area and haven’t found a dentist yet.
  • You had a dentist, but you just never felt very comfortable with the team.
  • You are tired of driving all over town from pediatric dentist to orthodontist to periodontist and back to your general dentist.
  • Your husband broke a crown a few days ago and now your little one just woke up with a toothache.

You need dental care you can count on – and you need it fast.

Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles is here to help with all the dental care your family needs – under one, convenient, close-to-home roof – and we schedule you right away, sometimes as soon as the same day!

No More Run-Around

Our full menu of services is tailored to meet all of your needs with everything from those all-important routine cleanings, exams, and fluoride treatments for your kids to the advanced and more specialized treatments you might need like dental implants to replace missing teeth, endodontics to save infected teeth, and sleep apnea therapy to stop snoring and help you get the rest you need.

We even offer cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve the ideal appearance you have been wishing for but thought you had to travel to the big city to get.

Ideal Dental Care for Busy Families

If you could create the perfect dental office – the kind you know everyone from your new-to-dentistry toddler to your anxious husband will like – what would it have?

  • A cozy, comfortable location where everyone can feel at ease?
  • A caring staff that always puts your needs and concerns at the top of their priority list?
  • Highly-trained doctors, who are also experienced and compassionate?
  • A team that listens to your concerns and takes time to answer all of your questions?
  • All the modern technology to make every visit faster and more efficient?
  • A location close to home that offers dentistry for your whole family?
  • Convenient hours?
  • All the services you need under one roof?
  • Blankets and cozy pillows to help you relax?
  • WIFI and big screen TVs?

We have families too and we know what we would want for them.

That’s why we have spent so much time planning and designing OUR ideal dental office – and it includes everything in this list and more.

It’s the dentistry we give our own children, spouses, and parents and now our Jordan-Elbridge friends and neighbors can have it too!

We are here for your smile – and for you!

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