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Implant Dentistry at Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles

Replacing Teeth the Way Nature Intended

Jordan Elbridge Family SmilesWe never want our patients to lose their teeth. Here at Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles, we really understand how difficult tooth loss can be. It makes eating much less fun or fulfilling, speaking difficult, and smiling something you don’t want to do anymore.

It’s why we emphasize routine exams, cleanings, fluoride, and other preventive dentistry that protects and preserves to our Elbridge and Jordan patient family.

Unfortunately, life can be hard on our smiles and anything from accidents to medications can take their toll causing tooth decay, damage, and tooth loss. Don’t worry! We have a solution that will get your mouth functioning just the way nature intended. It’s implant dentistry and it can let you throw away your denture adhesive, eat what you like, speak with confidence, and smile so beautifully you will never want to stop.

What Are Dental Implants?

They really sound like what they are – dental restorations that are surgically implanted in your mouth for a long-lasting smile that stays in place and feels just like your own.

The foundation of dental implants are titanium posts that integrate into your jawbone, replacing your tooth root, and designed to hold either custom-created crowns for individual tooth replacement or an implant supported bridge, partial or denture to replace multiple teeth. These multiple tooth replacements are attached to the implant posts for the most secure fit imaginable – no slipping or pinching, and often not even removal for soaking or cleaning! Just a beautiful smile that lets you enjoy life day in and day out.

Why Choose Dental Implants Instead of Dentures

While we do offer full and partial dentures here at Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles, those removable tooth replacements are simply not our ideal choice for our patients. Why? Removable prosthetics such as bridges and dentures do not replace your tooth roots and therefore leave your bone vulnerable to “resorption” or bone loss. You see, for bones to stay healthy and viable, they need to be stimulated. Natural teeth and roots keep your bones stimulated every time you take a bite of something or chew. Dentures can’t do that. It’s why dentures get lose, need to be adjusted constantly, can be so aging, and even cause headaches and jaw pain.

Tooth implants from Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles replace both the tooth and the root, allowing natural stimulation and bone regeneration with every bite you take. Plus, they are so secure, those bites could be of anything you like – even apples, corn-on-the-cob, or steak!

How We Can Help

Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles’ skilled and experienced doctors, Dr. Aaron Cronk and Dr. Jon Ohnezeit, are able to both place and restore your dental implants. That means no referrals to dental surgeons you don’t know.

In addition to our range of traditional dental implants, we offer immediate-load implant retained dentures and same-day CEREC implant crowns milled here in our office so you can leave with a smile the very day your implant posts are placed.

No matter which tooth implant option is right for you, you can count on Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles to keep you informed and comfortable every step of the way so you can get back to life with a smile you can actually use – for life!

Missing teeth making you miss out on life? Dental implants let you get back to eating, talking, and laughing again. Call today!