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You may never think of your gums. They are just there, quietly holding your teeth in place – until they become inflamed or infected. We think about your gums all the time. Why? Gums don’t just keep your teeth where they belong, they also act as portals to the rest of your body. Gums are mucous membranes which means that if they become infected, that infection can enter your bloodstream causing an inflammatory response and leading to all kinds of health issues. Studies show that gum disease can be linked to anything from premature labor and low birth-weight babies to heart disease, strokes, and even cancer. The biggest problem is that gum disease can start, like many other problems in your mouth, with barely noticeable symptoms. If you do notice any bleeding when you brush or floss or if your gums are even slightly red or puffy, please call Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles right away. Our periodontal therapy includes scaling and root planing to remove all bacterial buildup, prepare your gum tissue for healing snugly back around your teeth, and get your body back to health. Depending on the level of infection present, we may recommend a treatment with Arestin, a topical antibiotic that is placed in the gum pockets and stays in place, healing and soothing, for up to ten days. We recommend that all of our gum disease patients return for a checkup and cleaning every three months until the infection is entirely cleared and your gums are back in the pink.