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You may be surprised to discover that oral cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in America with close to 50,000 people being diagnosed every year! And because it can grow beyond its earliest, most treatable stages without pain or symptoms, oral cancer can worsen and spread to other parts of your body before it is ever diagnosed. The team at Jordan Elbridge Family Smiles takes this insidious disease very seriously and checks your oral tissue including your gums, lips, tongue, and throat for the first signs of cancer at every visit. Our doctors are specially trained to detect oral cancer and always check you for:

  • A sore throat
  • Thickening or lumps on your lips or cheeks
  • Discolored patches or small sores
  • Chronic bad breath

If we find early signs of cancer or precancerous lesions, we will send you for immediate testing. When mouth or throat cancer is caught early, it is not difficult to treat and can be completely eliminated in up to 90% of cases.